Property Maintenance

We provide a number of Property Maintenance Services in Taunton and surrounding areas, including: Pressure Washing , Fence Painting , Property Improvements, and Gutter Cleaning . No job is too small, so contact us now for a consultation and to receive a free quote.

 Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Service
We carry out pressure washing to any kind of surface, including drives, pathways, decking, gardens and building walls. 

This service is ideal for removing grime, moss and other debris that may have accumulated, greatly improving the appearance, accessibility and safety of the area.

We guarantee to responsibly dispose of any waste and debris that is created from the pressure washing carried out.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Service
Babb Services carry out a complete gutter cleaning and clearance service .

Our works includes: the removal of grime/ algae from the gutter's surface, the clearing of leaves or dirt where build ups are causing blockage, and any other general maintenance to improve the gutter's quality. 

We guarantee to responsibly dispose of any waste and debris that is collected.
Fence Painting Service

Fence Painting

Babb Services can carry out wood treatment and painting to areas such as fences and gates, wall cladding, timber framework, and external walls, which greatly increases the lifetime, quality and appearance of these surfaces. 

We will provide a variety of different colours, finishes and protective strengths to suit the requirements of your project, and will ensure that all substances used are properly contained.
Property Improvement Service

Property Improvements

We can conduct a variety of internal and external property improvements, including anything from pot hole filling, damp removal (with dehimidifiers), to general property repairs. 

Please contact us for further information about the range of property improvements we can carry out.